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Check engine light on a 1998 Dodge Dakota 3.9 L

3 years and $2,980 and some > gave a complete tune up, put on an Idle sensor, throttle sensor, pick up sensor. crank case sensor. Catalytic converter, 02 sensor front and after Cat, New Heads, fuel injection cleaning , PVC valve , new computer, speed control sensor. It always Reads Miss fire 1 3 5 Random??
Comes and goes engine light. After 3 Different shops working on it, no one Knows why. They say they don’t know why??? CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP and please don’t say get rid of it. It’s my wife’s hard head. Thank you so much, from mcflysome.

Do you FEEL any misfire? Is there a drivability problem? An emissions test problem? If the answer to my 3 questions is no, then there is no problem…Drive on…

All of those parts you have replaced, few of them have anything to do with a random misfire…Ignition coil(s), EGR valves…are the more likely suspects…

Caddyman is right. Coils, wires and plugs. A friend had an intermittent misfire code and after all the normal stuff was tried, it turned out to be a leaky intake manifold.

Exactly what fault codes is it storing?