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Check Engine Light on 2008 Saturn

Engine Performance problem

2000 Saturn SL1 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 71,000 miles

Saturn replaced engine mount cause of shaking.

2 weeks later the check engine light comes on.

I took it to firestone

The diagnostic code is 0442 - gas cap.

They replace the gas cap.

Two days later after I get gas and drive it some, CEL comes on again.

Back to firestone. Another gas cap.

Drive it 350 miles round trip with no problem.

I am then 1 mile from home and CEL comes on again.

Back to firestone.

There is a TSB out for coolant system. They do the repairs. Also, yet another new gas cap

I go a total of 60 miles and the CEL comes on again.

I have maintained this car faithfully It runs great.

The 0442 code is for a leak in the evaporative recovery system. I can’t think that it has been your gas cap leaking all three times. I hope the last two were free. They need to be looking for another leak. The problem with not getting it fixed is that IF it needs to be on for another reason, you’ll never know it.

I have had the gas cap light on the dash come up, but the issue was not the gas cap, but rather a bad fuel filter. I did replace the little rubber o ring on the gas cap before I looked at the fuel situation, but that did not fix the problem. When I replaced the fuel filter the light on the dash in the instrument cluster went away. Just a thought anyway?

[b] gas cap light  [/b] 

Gas cap light??????

It’s not the gas cap leaking. P0442 is for "Evaporative emissions system leak detected (small leak). A “small leak” is one smaller than a pin hole. The gas cap could set the code for a “large leak” : but, not, a small one. Firestone can’t troubleshoot this. They don’t have the equipment or knowledge, or something else.
The cooling system has no connection, whatsoever, with the EVAP system.
You may have to go to the dealer.

Isn’t a 2008 covered for emissions (aren’t emissions covered for 7/100)? Why is it being taken to Firestone?