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Check engine light off!

I had my check engine light go on for the second time over an intermitant problem with my speedometer sensor head, or something like that. I have not noticed anything odd about the speedometer, the odometer or anything else. My truck is a 1996 Nissan pickup, manual tranny, not even power steering, but virtually problem free until now. The weird thing is, after I went in to my mechanic to check that that was what it was, and DID NOT have the light turned off, and then made an appt with Speedotach to look at it, IT WENT OFF BY ITSELF! Is this something I should be worried about? Frankly, it worries me more than the light being on. Any one had anything like this happen to them?

The computer automatically reset the error code after a few drive cycles without the problem.

There is also the possibility that the CEL bulb has actually burned out on this 13 year old vehicle. The OP should verify that the CEL does turn on briefly when he first turns the ignition key. If not, then the bulb is burned out.