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Check engine light - codes

This morning I checked out the codes and following codes were shown.

P0113, P0171, P0174.

After erasing and running again it showed only P0113, and after that it started showing ‘Pass - no codes’ message.

Any idea what this means, and based on codes what is wrong with the vehicle? The vehicle is 2000 windstar. Thanks for your time…

now it says pass no codes, because you erased them it takes a couple (varies) of drive cycels to ‘set’ the codes again. don’t worry they will come back.

was the check engine light on before it started running rough? or did it just come on?

what have you done to the car recently for maintenance?

My Haynes (GM) manual codes show PO113 as being: intake temp circuit, high input

PO171 shows as being: System too lean…bank1

PO174 shows as being: System too lean…bank2

Now, are these GM codes the same in a Ford?

ODB-II codes are generally universal. The ones that are P1XX to P9XX are generally reserved for manufacturer specific. At least that is my understanding.

When you check it later, after the CEL comes back on, and the code P0113 shows up, you’ll need to get this checked out. It may be a bad intake temp sensor, or a bad connection between the computer and the sensor. If it is getting bad readings, this may lead to the other codes, as the intake temperature reading is part of the fuel mix algorithm.