Check engine light/ 1995 dodge ram pick up sport 2wd 318 auto

trouble code(s):


running great, good temp,oil press,voltage.

only change in truck was two weeks ago- duel exhaust install, but no engine light till today. … but when truck is cold,low speed [ 5-10 mph} is not smooth…its kinda like your accelorater pedal is an on/off switch.not meaning that it stumbles or misses. this low speed problem was there long before the new duel exhaust.

so whats the thought?any ideas?

Looked up the codes you have “” sounds like you have a short, do you have a towing package??

Here are the CORRECT codes for your truck…

32 suggests a problem with the EGR valve which could certainly produce your symptoms…

im not positive,but i think it does/// why

oh, it also preigitions/ pings under load occationally