Charging small battery of 2005 Prius

Does anyone have suggestions for how we can recharge the small battery in our 2005 Prius? We evidently left an interior light on that drained the battery; in any case, this morning, all the electricity of the car was gone, including the door locks, etc. We have a battery charger available (the kind that plugs into a wall socket). 1) With no electricity, how do open the rear door to get to the small battery without causing damage to the rear door? 2) Once the rear door is open, how do we charge the small battery with the charger? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Read the owner’s manual. If the battery needs a charge or a jump, instructions should be there. This being a Hybrid, I would not use common auto knowledge, as this is not a common car. If you do not have one, go to the Toyota website, or call the dealer.

Addition: I read this on a discussion group from

“I have a 2004 Prius. The same thing happened to me twice, the first time after a month or two and the second time three years later. I probably left something on as those are pretty infrequent intervals. You do NOT have to get to the small battery to jump it. There are special terminals under the hood that make it real easy. Look in the book.”

the manual does explain it, or go to