Charging problems

We have a '91 Mercury Topaz. We are having problems with the charging system especially when we com to a stop with the lights, wipers and heat on. We just replaced the battery, alternator (two after the first one failed), checked & cleaned the ground wire and checked the conections to the fuse box. After having a few family members look at at it as well we are at our wits end, please help

Check the battery warning light to make sure it is working. It supplies power to the exciter and if it doesn’t turn on when the key is turned to ON there is your problem. The wires on the back side of the alternator should all have close to battery voltage on them when the engine is running.

I’ll take a look at that thanks for your help

WHAT problems are you having with the charging system?

Does it just stop charging when you come to a stop? Does the battery light come on?