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Changing Transmission Fluid

99 Chevy Astro with 97,300 miles. Automatic.
No problems with transmission. Mainly city driving.
To my knowledge transmission fluid has never been changed.
Owners manual said to change every 50,000 miles or 15,000 under severe conditions.
I have heard some mechanics say if you get to 100,000 miles and have never had the transmission fluid changed it is best not to.
Is it best to change the fluid and have the transmission serviced or not?
Is there any benefit to having it done now?

Do it immediately. Do not flush it, but drain it. If you can access a filter, clean or replace it depending on the type.

I agree. Transmission fluid and a filter is much cheaper than a rebuilt transmission. Changing the fluid will not destroy the transmission. Not changing it will.

As the above responses say.

I will only add one thing. It is already possible that the damage has been done and with or without maintenance, it may not last long. However your chances are far better if you change that fluid now. Not changing it is certainly not the smartest thing to do.

Changing the fluid has never hurt a transmission if you put in the right transmission fluid, in the right amount.
The reason that old wives tail got started was that many people never think of changing it until the transmission is “acting a little funny”.

Change it and keep your fingers crossed that the neglect didn’t do too much damage.

Appreciate the responses. Will get it changed.