Changing transmission fluid

Can a novice change the transmission fluid on a 2002 Sequoia or do I need a shop to do it?

Get on your back…slide under the car…locate the transmission drain plug and fill holes…raise your arms up and see if you can use tools to open and close plugs…can you then add fluid from your position???

The drain plug should be all he/she needs to find. On most cars, you add transmission fluid through the same tube that holds the transmission dip stick.

However, bchwalker1, the experts on this site will tell you there is no substitute for having the pan removed and having the filter cleaned or changed. Even if your car has a transmission drain plug, you might want to put it in the hands of a professional and have the job done properly. Just don’t let anyone talk you into a transmission flush.

If you can find a transmission drain plug and choose to take on this job yourself, be careful not to overfill or underfill the transmission. In order to properly check the transmission fluid, the transmission (and fluid) must be warm (too hot to touch), the engine should be running, and the vehicle should be in park or neutral. That means you will need to carefully add some transmission fluid, drive it around the block, and check the level. Then you will need to repeat the process until you have the level in the proper range, which can take a while. Transmission fluid expands so much when it gets hot that you can’t simply add an amount of fluid based on how much came out. It will likely take you several hours, especially if you manage to overfill it the first time (been there, done that).