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Changing the Struts on the Front Only

87 Acura Integra, 147k

If I change the front Struts only and leave the rear as it is - would it be ok?

I will using Monroe Sensa Trac structs.

Would the Car will look as if the front is raised a bit when parked? Anything else?


Struts don’t determine the ride height. Springs do. New struts in front shouldn’t change the height at all.

Struts should always be replaced in pairs (front or rear), but it’s not necessary to replace all four at the same time.

Why are you wanting to change only the fronts? It’s OK, but if the rears are also worn out, it’d be better to do all 4.

  1. Front is leaking
  2. Rear - doing it yourself can be difficult due to tightening/rust related issues
  3. Front - you can feel it when driving - rear is not that much, due to location
  4. Cost - I desire 4, but cost

Given the age of the vehicle do the minimum. It is not a requirement to change all four at once.

Struts are one of those higher mileage expensive maintenance(or repair) items people tend to gloss over in raving about older/high mileage vehicle ownership.

OK, just be prepared for ‘odd’ handling, compared to what you’re used to.

Yes you can do it. Done it many times. I usually replace all 4…but there were times that only the fronts needed replacing. That’s where most of the weight is and most of the braking is done…so the front shocks tend to work harder…thus needing replacing sooner.