Changing oil

My Saturn Vue has over 118,000 miles on it. Can I change over to synthetic oil now or do I have to stay with the blended synthetic. I want my car to last another 118,000 and it costs alot to change it every 3,000 miles, I thought 7,500 miles would be easier on the budget.


Sure, you can switch to synthetic oil no problem.

If your owner’s manual recommends changing oil every 3,000 miles (which I doubt) you cannot extend the interval to 7,500 miles, no matter what kind of oil you use.

You can switch oil types any time you like. You can switch back any time, too. The engine doesn’t care.

Whatever kind of you you use, change it at the interval recommended in the factory maintenance schedule that came with the vehicle.

Exactly. Just because you’re running synthetic oil, it doesn’t mean that you can extend the oil change interval.

Thank you, all this info helps me understand.

Am I correct that you can not mix different types of oil.

No, you are INCORRECT. You can mix different types of oil, as long as they are approved for your car. That refers to both the VISCOSITY (such as 5W30), and the API designation on the can.

Unless your car has a turbocharger, you can pretty well buy any good automobile oil off the shelf, as long as you change it as per the owner’s manual, or more often. Synthetic oil will not allow you to “stretch” the oil change interval; it will void your warranty.

What Doc says, plus if you want to have your car last another 118k and save money, switch to regular oil and continue to change it every 3000 miles, as long as your manual allows regular (non-synthetic blend) oil.

All the advice you’ve gotten here has been spot-on. has a great primer if you’re interested in learning more.

Thank you everyone, I’ll keep having it changed every 3000 miles. I’ll look for coupons and not worry about what type oil they offer.

Am I correct that you can not mix different types of oil.

What do you think Synthetic Blend is??? Regular oil and Synthetic oil.

Look in your manual for specific oil change interval. Many cars severe interval is 5000 miles and that will save you plenty of money using conventional(non-synthetic).

Forget synthetic unless your car requires it which no Saturn except the the little turbo 2dr convertible likely does.