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Changing oil every 3000 miles

http://fin…amily-home this article says that3000 makes no sense;5000-10000 is better any ideas?

Oils and engines are better than they used to be. What does your owner’s manual tell you to do? I aim for 5,000 - 6,000 miles.

3,000 would be excessive unless you only drove 3,000 miles every 6 months.’this article is the one cited in the previous comment

I agree with them, modern cars with their ultra clean emmission standards just don’t contaminate the oil like the old carburettor and choke cars did. I pull the dipstick on my car right before its 5000 mile scheduled oil change and the oil is still a light amber in color.
In the old days, oil would be pitch black after only a thousand miles or so.