Changed my Plugs and still sputters a little?

I have a 3000gt and I had a miss in on of my cylinders about 6 months ago, I changed my plugs and it was fine, or what it felt like. Sometimes I still get that feeling that it sputters or misses, when the car is not warm, or when I get on it a little bit. Any reasons?

Check and see if you have any error codes stored. Some auto part stores will do it for free. If you do bring the actural codes (Like P0123) back and let’s go from there with a little more to go on.

It would also help if you told us how many miles are on the car. How many miles are on the current set of plug wires?

The car has 75000 miles, and the plugs that i just put on has maybe 3000 miles, there fairly new. When you mean error codes, have then plug the computer in and have it checked like that? Email me at Im about to leave the office, and i get emails on my phone.

Maybe time to change the spark plug wires too. Also could have a weak coil.