Changed camshaft etc. - since then knocking noise/shaking

I got a Mercedes Benz, SL560, US style, 8 cylinder, from 1987, mileage around 130 000
I got the camshafts, rockers and valve changed these days as the lifters were a little weared out as i was told. So I decided to do it now than later.
But since the mechanic changed them I get a bad knocking noise and shaking at start up. It disappears after up to 5 minutes.
The mechanic said he only changed the parts. Thats it. Nothing else done. When I was there doing the work I say him using the chain. I left the shop as I could not wait till the work was done.
Someone told me that the clearance of the valve has to be checked and adjusted. Mechanics say that it is not possible as my engine is W117 and there is nothing to adjust. It will do it automatically.
I took the car back as clearly that mechanic could not do anything else then for the car. He also does not want the car back. He hung up when we tried to ask him to check the car again (like checking the timing chain).
Well. Inbetween I asked another shop to check it. They replaced only 3 rockers again. They were new!!! There was a slight damage on them. I guess this is the part of the rockers where you put the screwdriver on. That is why it was a bit “damaged”.
This second mechanic said I should just drive the car as the problem will be less in … dont know when. Hundred of miles, days, weeks?

I am not satisfied with this situation and therefore I am here to ask what the problem might be. This wasnt there before the camshaft was changed!
I cannot really make the mechanic do what I am asking for. I am now in an asian country and they do what they wanna do. I am only there to pay high prices and nothing is done what I wanted.
With this mechanic I am trying to get him to check the timing chain (chain tension) and plastic guide rails? Could this cause the problem or also something else?
I wanna know what it might be so that I can tell mechanic when he picks up the car - hopefully.

Thanks a lot already for your input.

You should find a W117 forum. They have quite a following.

Thought this is the right place as there are plenty of questions about this car here. I am new to this forum and the only topic where I could find to post was here :slight_smile:

The 560 is a Sohc motor. You had the valves replaced? So the heads were off the car?

Words do not exist to describe my opinion of your mechanic. He clearly screwed up the work and refuses to go back and do it right…because he either lacks the skills or the integrity…or both.

At this point you probably have valve damage as a minimum. But I wouldn’t trust him to touch the car again. You do not need a Mercedes mechanic, but you do need a good and honest one. Are there any other options in mechanics?

@MBSL560 - you’re welcome to ask here, I’m just saying your odds of finding folks with SL experience are higher on an SL site.

Regarding your engine, as mentioned above your mechanic has created a problem. There should be no “bad knocking noise and shaking at start up”. Find a better mechanic, and be prepared for a struggle if you want to recover any of the prior costs.

MBSL560, texases is right. Most of us have experience with Chevy’s Fords, Toyotas etc, not much on the high end vehicles like MB and BMW.

When I read your initial post, I though another victim of an unscrupulous mechanic performing unneeded maintenance. And since you are in an unnamed foreign country and apparently do not have mechanical skills (or tools) to do your own maintenance, there is little advice I can offer to help you in your present situation.

I will give you this advice though, if its not on the regular maintenance schedule (oil changes, belts, etc.) and its not broke (you drove it in, you can drive it out), don’t fix it. after some mileage, there will always be some wear on moving parts, it is not necessary to replace them unless the wear is causing a performance problem and the part has worn to an out of spec condition. I suspect that all the parts that were changes were still well within spec for use.

This is probably your best shot at finding out what the mechanic probably did wrong.

One more suggestion: have your new mechanic document everything in detail, including photos. You may want to use it in small claims court to try to recoup some of the costs of the damage the first guy did.

“You may want to use it in small claims court to try to recoup some of the costs of the damage the first guy did.”

That is good advice IF the OP is located in The USA.
The US concept of a Small Claims Court may not even exist in a foreign country with a different system of laws.

Those of us in The USA frequently assume–incorrectly–that people in other parts of the world have protections and legal recourses similar to those of us who live in the USA.

Can the OP please identify the nation in which he lives?


“there is nothing to adjust”

The guy that told you that is wrong

I have some experience with those 116 and 117 engines, and the valves are adjustable. It is a pain in the butt, because you have to replace shims.

The mechanic might have told you he doesn’t want it back because he knows it’s complicated. Maybe he knows he’s in over his head

You need to find a shop that specializes in Benz. The oldest guy on the floor will be the one who’s most comfortable resolving your problem. One thing is a must though . . . the shop must have access to the service/maintenance manual for the late style 117 engine. Otherwise, they won’t have a clue, because adjusting valves on that car is different from other cars using shims. I’ll spare you the details at this point.

Be prepared to down your car for some time. Most shops don’t have those shims in stock.

Did the shop replace the cam oiler tubes?