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Change to Synthetic oil in four year old low milage car

I just purchased a four year old car with only 7,000 miles on it. I want to begin using synthetic oil. My concern is will changing to synthetic oil cause oil leak problems?

I Doubt That It Will Cause Leak Problems. Try A Change To Synthetic.
It Won’t Damage Anything. If You’re Not Happy Then Change Back To Conventional Oil.

I run Mobi-1 EP in several of my cars. None leak or consume any oil. None of the cars seem disgruntled. They are all gruntled.


No problem at all.

BTW - The best deal I know of are the Mobil 1 oil change specials at Autozone. About $26 for a filter and 5 quarts.

That is an old wife’(or mechanics) tale synthetic causes leaks…The engine already has the problem…

A 7k old engine won’t have the issue. If it does the power train warranty still in effect will cover this.

If the car develops leaks, it won’t be from the oil, it’ll be from seals/gaskets that have dried or otherwise been the victims of disuse if this car has been sitting w/o running. Don’t look for “cheap” anything, use decent quality synthetic oil and a quality filter. Not saying “you get what you pay for” because some lesser-quality stuff is way overpriced - shop by specification and performance factors, not price.