Change 2016 RX350 spark plugs?

Running well so far. 160k miles.
If change, recommended spark plugs?
Thank you.

Now open, Lexu$ dealer says $782 to replace the spark plugs.

Use the exact brand brand and heat range as specified by the manufacture. I suspect you are well past the recommended change interval.


And I bet the plugs to use are in your owner’s manual.


Check your owners manual.

Toyota uses only Denso or NGK plugs (or both). I wouldn’t get any other plug but one of those two.

The 3 rear plugs are a royal pain to reach. You need to remove several parts just to reach them. Are you sure you have the skills to do this? Based on your other posts - I seriously doubt it.

  1. That’s not really a question.

  2. Per the servicing/warranty guide. You should replace the spark plugs every 72 months or 60k miles.

  3. You’ll probably want to go with the DENSO 4705

If you haven’t replaced them yet, then you’ve grossly exceeded the specified interval.


I wonder if they seized in the block?

Probably not, mostly because they are in the heads.

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