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Challenger high pitched beep/squeal when engine off with video

I have a 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT. When the engine is off it sometimes makes a high pitched beep/squeal at regular intervals, usually a minute or so. The noise lasts 2-3 seconds and almost sounds like an old computer connecting to the internet.

This continues for hours and is random. It does not happen 24/7 while the car is off. I notice it after I wash my car, but maybe that is because I’m around, drying, waxing, etc.

In this video, I have not driven the car for 3 hours.

It might be a gadget in the heating/AC system that is confused. The vent doors on some cars are controlled by little actuating motors, and if they fail they can’t figure out whether they are in the open or closed position, and will cycle back and forth to try to figure out which, so they can park. Eventually the gears start to strip and that can make a buzzing noise. Just a guess, but definitely possible.