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Chains for Cadillac?

I live in Oregon where we occasionally have the need for chains when it snows. A local tire dealer sold me a set of chains which he said would fit my '07 DTS. However, the dealer said ‘NO, absolutely do not use them - your warranty will be voided if anything happens.’ The owners manual says to put them on the front tires if you have to use them. (Front wheel drive)

Who is right, and can I safely use them? I don’t like being stuck and unable to drive at times.

Thank you, GN

The owner’s manual is the authority. It was written by the factory engineers, and they know more about your car than anyone else. Follow the manual and you can’t go wrong.

Just as a side thought: I’d stay home before I’d put chains on a Cadillac DTS and try to drive it in deep snow. FWD and chains are not a good mix. Chains should be used on this car only in a severe emergency.

I have to totally agree with MC on this one. Have you considered real snow tyres? If you really need chains (they will take you places snow tyres will not) you really should not be driving.

A second to that…but there may be an emergency where staying home is not an option and trying to get home is a necessity. Drive slowly. The different in traction is significant with the rear wanting to switch places with the front when braking. What ever abs help you get will make your stops longer…
I would keep them in the trunk as a “last resort”.