Central Lock Problem on a 95 Corolla

When I try to lock the car using central lock button, it will lock and then unlock again.

When I am locking from outside, it works normally.

I wonder what happened, how expensive is it to fix?

Make sure to take your key out before trying to lock the car from inside. This is a Toyota safety feature to keep you from locking your keys in the car.

Not quite…the safety feature will unlock the doors if one is open and you try to lock. This forces you to use the key or key fob to lock the doors. That keeps you from locking your keys in. If you’re sitting inside, you should still be able to lock the doors. Key in the ignition or not.

Having the doors locked while moving IS a safety feature. From car-jcaking, kids trying to open doors, and a few other unsavory reasons. That’s why newer cars will auto-lock once you put it in drive, or hit a certain speed (or program between the choices).

Check your manual. There may be a programming sequence you can use to fix it. It sounds just like the system has gotten “confused”, and you need to train it again. If that fails, you’ll need to visit someone who can program it properly.

for some reason, it turned out ok after a day:)

The behavior of central locking varied by year, make and model. CRACK OPEN that owner’s manual, and within the first 30 pages is an entire section devotes to the operation of the locking system.

Be sure you have well-made keys. A great locksmith will produce a PERFECT set on any one of a number of exceptionally precise machines. Dealerships might have nice chaps working there, but their key machines are generally not at the same capability level as that of a Locksmith. Why? Locksmiths can use the same machines for many kinds of keys, not just cars, so the high cost of the machinery is spread out over a huge number of operations.

IF your locks start getting finicky, there is a design issue with TOYOTA locks, which started being phased in, back in 1991, and was finally phased out in 2006. Two of the eight components in the lock cause a wedging effect, bindign the lock. The GOOD news is that this is often able to be repaired, and made such that the issue will NOT occur again, all while keeping all the locks matched to the same fresh set of keys.

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@Locksmithy , this post was from back in November. I doubt that the person who asked is coming back, especially since it was reported resolved (though for unknown reason).