Cell phone antennas

does any one have any ideas on a external antenna for my mini van. I have verizon as a carrierbut,still don’t have a good signal.I LIVE INwestern nc a lot of mountains

Are you looking for help that will enable you to use your phone while you drive? I think Tom and Ray set up this particular forum to help get rid of driver distractions, not enable them.

in emergencies like a wreck is the only reason i am looking

It really depends more on your specific cell phone than your carrier. Some cell phones (some Nokia’s for example) have a very small external antenna connector, usually at the bottom. You can get an antenna kit for these phones.
Also made and sold are car cellphone repeater antennas that are supposed to work with any cell phone. These are passive, so if they work at all, they would still help so little that you would never know it.

Have you checked with Verizon to see if they have an accessory antenna for this phone? You could also check with the cell phone’s manufacturer (Nokia, Samsung, etc.).

First report the problem area to your carrier and take action based on their report.