Catylitic converter

My vehicle is a 2002 Subaru Outback. Check Engine light came on, code for Catylitic converter.

It seems, if I replace the Caty… this will be a temporary fix. Is the cause of the check engine light… because my O2 sensor are not getting correct information…

And will replacing the caty. conv. fix the problem. Or… is it a common problem that is not “fixable”.

Thanks for you help!

For starts, can you tell us the actual code? (Format: P1234). Are you getting any drivability problems?

Error codes do not say replace this or that part. They generally say this or that is producing an error code. Your code might be indicating a bad sensor, bad converter, a loose wire … More information, like the specific code may help pinpoint the reason for the light.

But, if it does turn out that the catalytic converter is bad, it is very important to fix the underlying condition that caused it to go bad. Yes, cat converters do go bad–but it is unusual for one to go bad in 8 years.
If–for instance–excess engine oil has been getting into the cylinders, that could cause a cat converter to go bad.

Anyway–How many miles are on the odometer?
Has the cat converter been replaced already?
If so, did the CEL come back on, and how long did it take for the CEL to come back on?
What are the codes that were found by scanning the OBD system?

I suspect that there is more to this issue than we (and perhaps the OP) are aware of.

You have TWO oxygen sensors. The rear one sent the signal that made the light come on. If your car has near or over 100,000 miles, replace them both (oxygen sensors), reset the light, and see what happens…