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Catalytic converter

can i have an after market converter installed on my chevy tahoe??
would it make a difference on engine performance?
thanks zlots

Sure, that way your Chevy can still proselytize for less than half of the dealer’s price.

You may want to be sure your catylitic converter is truly at fault. Some codes may be triggered by a sensor rather that the cat istelf.

EDIT 12/19: Please note that the OP originally posted about a cathalitic converter. Since he fixed the spelling, my joke makes no sense. Sorry.

would it make a difference on engine performance?

Not one bit. The ONLY time you want to change the catalytic converter is if it’s failing. Then you can replace it with and OEM or aftermarket converter. Makes no difference.

A cat – if you could look at it on the inside, it is a maze of small honeycombed like passages designed that way so the exhaust gasses come into intimate contact with the passage surfaces – and as such it can become clogged, which will adversely affect engine performance. If your cat were clogged, you’d notice this performance hit more on rapid acceleration than driving at a constant speed or tooling around town. It would feel a little sluggish.

I have never replaced a Catylitic converter and I was driving long before they came out on cars.

I’ve never replaced the cat on my 20 year old Corolla with 200K, but I did have to replace a plugged up cat on a prior car I owned, a late 70’s VW Rabbit once. I think the Rabbit problem might be related to the fuel source I was using. I lived in a different state and I later discovered I had a problem with getting contaminated gas at one particular gas station.

Is it broken or you thing that replacing it will improve performance or something. if you live in a state like CA you may have issues passing smog, as they require smog techs to visually inspect to confirm that the cat is approved.

the aftermarket does make a more free flowing catalytic converter than the factory installed ones that is supposed to help with engine performance. wether they actually do or not i can’t say yes or no, never experimented with it. if you need to replace it because it is bad my answer to your question would be yes you can put on an aftermarket converter. the factory replacements are alot more expensive in part because you have to buy a significant part of the entire exhaust system instead of just the converter alone. i am a gm tech and if a customer of ours needs one replaced that is not covered under warranty we send them to a local exhaust shop where they cut out just the converter and weld another one in its place instead of replacing parts that are not affected. I can’t speak to the issue of approved converters for places like cali. we don’t have emission test where i live so do your homework before you go spending money only to find out you have to do it all over again and spend even more money. just my 2 cents from the evil dealership mechanic.