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Catalytic Converter

I have a 1973 chevy truck with a 350, no emission equipment. I am thinking about putting converters on it to help with the exhaust. I know i will lose power but without fuel injection will they clog up quicker or not worth spending the money?

Has nothing to do with being fuel-injected or carb. Catalytic converters were around before most vehicles were fuel injected.

This is NOT a good idea. There really is no need since the vehicle doesn’t require it. And getting it right could be a problem since this vehicle never came with one in the first place. The cost to add them plus the decrease gas mileage and performance…just isn’t worth it.

Why are you considering this?

On a 1973 car, you would be reducing the value as a collectable car. You would not be adding much if any to reduced pollution, as pollution control is not just one part, it is a complex engineering problem. And as Mike noted, getting it right (even if right is just getting it to run as well and pollute no more) is not going to be easy.

Do you still have the original fuel systems? In 1973 cars in general had terrible OEM pollution control systems and just trying to get them to work should be enough of a problem for anyone.

You can’t add converters to your vehicle. There’s no secondary air system on the engine to light off the converters. So eventually they’ll plug up and have to be removed.


Agree; a very bad idea. There are very few 1973s still on the road and the department of transportation recoginzes that there is no need to order those cars off the road or make them retrofitted with controls.

As others mention, a converter will only work if is designed as part of the total balanced emission system. Just putting one on an old car will quickly plug it up, or turn it into an dangerous afterburner.

If you want to spend some money, spend it on a first-class tuneup, with special attention to getting the carb set correctly using an exhaust gas analyzer. You could even look into putting aftermarket fuel injection on your truck, it’d probably improve emissions some if set up carefully. But don’t put on cats, for all the reasons stated above.

Thanks guys…i was just checking.
Thanks again