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Catalytic Converter

I have a 2005 Ford Focus with 146K miles in CA. Been diagnosed as needing a new catalytic converter. Is it usual for this car to need one at this point? Part alone is $1K. I would appreciate any help since I commute 200 miles each day and this is my only transportation.

Get another opinion. Failing O2 sensors will sometimes trigger a code like “catalytic converter below threshold” or something similar.

That does NOT necessarily mean the converter itself is bad. Many converters are replaced unnecessarily when less expensive O2 sensors might correct the problem.

Is that a dealer price? Sounds pretty high. You can probably get a better price from an independent mechanic.

It’s not uncommon for a car to need a new converter at those miles. I had an 01 Focus and had the converter replaced at about 90k. Shop around, try an idependent exhaust shop. The total cost for replacement was exactly $500 for my car and the part lasted another 60k without any issues until I sold the car.

Before replacing it have the car checked out to be sure there was nothing that contributed to the demise of the converter such as burning oil etc.

Good point by mcparadise. An 02 sensor would be far cheaper. If you’ve only gotten one opinion, it’s a good idea to get another especially when having such a high priced item replaced.

I wholeheartedly agree with McP…except on the price. You could get a better price from an outright thief. $1K just for the converter?

I took the car to Pep Boys and they diagnosed it as the CAT. Already had replaced the O2 sensor prior to this. The car is running really rough now. According to the various auto parts places I’ve called, they all say that the CAT on this car is not available OEM.

I’m not sure Pep Boys would qualify as a real mechanic. Take it to a place with a good reputation with real mechanics. Pep Boys probably hooked up a scanner and read the code indicating a converter malfunction. As stated earlier, a bad 02 sensor could cause that. Your car has more than one.

Frankly I would not buy an OEM cat unless I had to. All cats OEM and aftermarket are required to meet federal regulations, including life. That price you get seemed far to high to me even with OEM cat and an aftermarket should be even cheaper.