Catalytic converter

when engine light came on (2000 model) i took car to have evaluated. “Catalytic converter” was the reading. I took to mechanic to ask if he could fix it…he said I would need to talk to a muffler shop; but he said, “I fixed the light, I turned it off”. The muffler mechanic said w/o light he can’t determine if repair or part would fix it. I have had this smell in car after driving a while and it is constant. Smells like rubber burning. I am afraid the next time the light comes on I am facing the cost of a new converter!!! YIKES !!!

The Check Engine light doesn’t need to be on. With the proper scanner, the HISTORY codes can be pulled from the computer. This is a list codes that are stored into the computer each time the Check Engine light is turned off.


“…he said, 'I fixed the light. I turned it off!” That was no fix. That was throwing away valuable diagnostic information. You shouldn’t use that mechanic, any more. The muffler shop is no better.
You need to find a capable, proficient mechanic. It may be difficult; but, ask around.
The burning rubber smell could be motor oil leaking onto the hot exhaust manifold/pipes, and “cooking”.

Thanks for responding! I am going to follow your advice! kind regards, patricia

Thanks for responding i appreciate your advice!! It is very hard to find a good mechanic!!! I am hopeful I can soon get a recommendation. I refuse to take back to dealer. My car has 130,000 miles --kind regards, patricia

Beyond the good advice already provided, a good shop can look at the actual output traces of the oxygen sensors before and after the catalytic converter on an oscilloscope and tell exactly what the problem is. They don’t need codes…although I agree with Kit that the codes should not have been cleared without fixing the problem.