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Catalytic Converter?

My 2004 Volvo is making a really loud noise when I idle. The guys at the local tire and battery place put it up and said it’s my cat. converter. Are they right? If so, can I get a used CC and pay to have it installed?

It’s against EPA regulations for an auto recycler to sell used catalytic converters. So there is no source for a used one. The next cheapest thing is locate a universal/direct fit aftermarket CC, and have it installed.


marybeth; I would make sure first that it is indeed the catalytic converter. It could be the shield that protects it, that is rattling.

If it is the cat, the insides would be loose, and you would have to replace it.

As stated, an aftermarket universal unit would be substantially less expensive than a Volvo factory unit.

Good luck!

As Doc said, it’s common for the heat shields on cat conveters to break partially free from rust and rattle. If that’s the cause, you can effect a permanent repair by securing it with a large worm-style hose clamp from the hardware store for about $1.49. Wrap it comoletely around the heat shields and converter. You may have to buy two and string them together, depending on the size of the converter.