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Catalytic Converter

2001 Buick Regal W/ California Emissions What is the differnce in the catalytic converters between a federal and a Califorina catalytic converter

The California catalytic converters are at least twice as expensive as one which is Federal (the other 49 states). Here is one, California type at a reasonable price:,3577508/vehicleId,2624401/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1140/partType,00071/shopping/partProductDetail.htm

For anyone who wants to know a little about catalytic converters, the following is a pretty good article:

Another FYI, you cat. “Gone In 60 Seconds”

EXCELLENT article! The best I’ve ever seen.


Besides the cost What is the difference ? If you dont live in Calf could you put a Federal Cat on your cat

Can you use a non-California catalytic converter in a California Emissions System?
No. Why not? You have to heed the words emissions system. All of the components of the emissions system are designed to act together as a unit. If you change the type of part, you break the unity, and the system doesn’t operate as it should.
There are so many catalytic converter which are needlessly replaced. What make you think that yours needs replacing? Having a trouble code isn’t enough cause.

There is a Federal 8 year/80,000 mile warranty on the catalytic converter. Any chance you’re under the mileage limit?

I have a spare cat off of a junker in my garage (fully legal I assure you). Its supposed to be a backup part for my car. But with all of the thievery does anyone know what recyclers are paying for these things?

There are no codes The engine runs fine till 3000 RPM’s It wont take any more than that The TPS is OK MAF
wil not go over 45GR/SE But the MAP Reads 100 % I have checked the fuel pressure and flow OK If you keep the throttle down the engine will start poping new plugs X2 good air filter Also checked the MAP with Vaccume gauge OK I Cant get any more air through the engine if its not the catalytic converter ? Then the muffler

88,000 Miles Thanks

Much of that was a bit cryptic, but I’m assuming that you are trying to say that you think your problem is excessive back pressure - a clog in the cat perhaps. Is that right? Did you use your vacuum gauge to find out about that? The vac gauge is the quick/easy way, but you can also do a quick test by pulling your upstream O2 sensor to see if that changes how the engine goes. The hole provides an outlet for that extra pressure if it is there.

Yes ,yes The MAP and Vacuum gauge read reversed but correspond very well The TPS will be at 35% MAF
Sensor will be about 40GR/SE But the MAP will be at 100% and the Vac. Gauge Reads 0 Vacuum