Catalytic Converter for Lexus

The Lexus converters for my 1993 LS 400, V8 is too expensive. What are my options for direct fit less expensive but good converters? thanks.

Check around…Look on the internet. Most of us would have to do the same thing to get the answer you can find yourself. There are aftermarket that work fine for your vehicle. Buy the cheapest one you can.

Are you SURE it’s the catalytic converter? Most of the time it’s just a bad O2 sensor.

You might find a similar model in a junkyard that you could take the converter off of. You can also try at local auto parts stores - they often sell parts cheaper than you can get from the dealer. Another option that bear fruit is Ebay, although personally, I would use Ebay as a last resort. By the way, how much are the Lexus converters? It could be they don’t cost any more than any other converter.

I recently replaced the catholic converter on my Dodge by ordering a universal fit model online and having my friendly neighborhood mechanic install it. Total costs were like $142. Aftermarket is the way to go.

Thank your for your reply.

I am not sure. When I first start the car whether am or pm there is an awful odor from the exhaust–really terrible. I only get 15 miles per gallon and it is a bit sluggish. Otherwise it drves well. I was told that the O2 sensor could be the reason for poor gas mileage. Would putting it on a test machine determine what the problem is?

I believe it’s illegal to sell used cat converters. At any rate the precious metals used in them are up in value at the moment so when a junk yard gets used converters in they sell them for the value of the metals inside.

There is, “an awful, terrible, odor” when you start your car. There could be things that need to be done to the engine BEFORE you replace that catalytic converter. If the engine is running roughly, because of lack of tune, it’s times to do that. Start with fresh spark plugs, air filter, and check the operation of the EGR valve. The engine coolant temperature sensor may be causing the engine to run too rich at idle. It may, even be keeping the engine computer from operating in “closed loop” —which is the most fuel efficient mode.
A good mechanic, using an elecrical multimeter, could check these things (and more), and save you from changing unnecessary parts.

Here is a link to some more questions and answers about catalytic converters:

Thanks. I will do that.