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Cat omg!

i have a 2010 chevy colbalt that my cat likes sleeping in. the car stays in garage so my cat is an inside cat. problem is he has fleas. had him dipped and powdered and sprayed the car twice. now my cat is not in car but my car still has fleas, what to do? like i said sprayed car twice.

I would try sprinkling some flea powder on the carpet of the car. Let it sit for a day and then vacuum it up. You may have to repeat the treatment a second time. My parents had fleas around their fire place some years back. They didn’t have any pets and thought I was bringing them in since I had a dog. It turned out that there were racoons living in the chimney for the fireplace. I smoked out the racoons at that was the end of the problem.
We had one cat that had a terrible flea problem. There are flea bombs that you can set off. We did this in the house, but you are supposed to stay out of the house for several hours and then air the house out really well. If the flea powder doesn’t work, you might consider this.
Finally, we have a dog and cat. The cat is always indoors, and the dog lives inside except for bathroom breaks. We treat both animals with Advantage and have had no flea problems with these animals. We also used Advantage with the cat that is now deceased and that cleared up her flea problem after we had a professional groomer bathe the cat.

I despise fleas. And they are insanely tenacious. One thing fleas can’t stand is dryness. I would spray the inside of the car thoroughly with a flea killer, paying particular attention to hidden areas like under the seats, then put all the windows up and let the car bake in the sun for a few days. The hotter the better. I don’t know where you live, but if you’re anywhere near the midwest, this should get rid of them.

Maybe your best bet is to see a vet. They should be able to direct you towards an answer.

Funny, I have had cats and dogs for over 60 years and I have never had a flee problem. Where you live does make a difference.

My wife's father had flea problem in a vacant home as my son has. 

Good Luck

We use frontline and never had a flea problem. Sure you could bomb the car but if the cat likes sleeping in there get frontline for the cat and let it sleep in the car. Your cat will be happy, you will not have all that fle bomb stuff every where and the fleas will be forever gone in a week or 2. It kills the fleas in 24 to 48 hours, but the eggs will continue to hatch.
You have fleas? “he got fleas somehow.come from me probaly” as far as I know there is no frontline for people :wink:

Frontline top spot or a similar product will solve the problem. You only have to treat the animal and you don’t need to spray the house, the yard, or the car.

Don’t get the cheap off brand product. It doesn’t work as well, and although Frontline seems expensive, you only need to use it once a month, so it ends up being a little cheaper than or about the same as trying to spray your house and treat the pet several times with products that don’t work as well.

A little garlic in the pet food and the fleas are GONE…Cats will eat garlic if you mix it in with their food…

Fleas can not live very long without a blood meal…

Parking the car in the sun with the windows up should kill anything alive inside the car…

When I had outdoor cats we used Frontline…WORKED GREAT.

But I’ve NEVER had an indoor cat that had Fleas. Where they getting the Fleas from???

A little garlic in the pet food and the fleas are GONE....Cats will eat garlic if you mix it in with their food..
I've tried that with my dogs, and it didn't work. Maybe it was because I live in the south, where we don't get a hard freeze every year and the fleas can be more of a problem than they are in northern regions of the US.

Contact your state’s Department of Agriculture office. They employ experts in all types of problems that affect animals, and I’ll bet thay can give you a solution. And their services are free.

Some years back I contacted them to help a friend solve a bug problem. They identifed the bug by its common name as well as its scientific name, told us all about the bugs nesting habits, breeding habits, and lifestyle, and suggested where we might find the nest. We found the nest exactly where they suggested and solved the problem.

The active ingredient in Frontline is Fipronil. You can find this in numerous other products, if you need to apply around your garage, for example, to speed up eradication. I’ve bought Termidor, which uses Fipronil, for use around the perimeter of my home to guard against termites. Works EXTREMELY well. But as others have pointed out, eliminating the blood meal for them is critical.

The folks at have always given me good advice for the few critters we’ve had try to get into our homes - they might be able to give you good advice, too…

Put a little salt in the carpets of the car. Fleas spend most of their (30 day) lifespan as a larve, sort of a worm. The salt cuts up and dessicates their bodies. They develop the hard shell for the last three days of their life cycle, which is when they need the blood meal in order to lay their eggs.

Another way to fight the fleas is to use an IGR (insect growth regulator). It prevents the larve from maturing into the adult. Borax in the carpet also works BTW.