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Cat converter for 99 rx300


How many cat converters does the RX 300 have? I had a check engine light and codes are for an oxygen sensor and the cat converter (I did not ask which codes, but i will). The dealer gives a worst case scenario of replacing the cat converter for $2300.

Must I replace the cat converter if I have no power issues ro can I jsut put black tape over the check engine light.

I have 259,245 miles on this car and put a front cat converter in Dec 2004 at 162 769 miles.


The codes NEVER say to change a component. Those dealers and shops which do parts changing based solely on a trouble code are doing a diservice.
When you find a good mechanic, s/he will do the necessary things to find what is wrong with the engine which is adversely affecting the catalytic converter(s) and oxygen sensors.
The problem with the catalytic converter, today, is probably a result of the cause of the problem with the first catalytic converter not being properly remedied, before. Whatever unrepaired fault caused the “failure” before, continues to cause trouble.


The code is P0420, if that makes sense to anyone.