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Cars drive themselves - I really mean it this time

I saw that in the newspaper. I just can’t grasp the need for one in a car unless it is a limo and is unlikely to compromise safety.

Pry the steering wheel outta my cold dead hands… That said the technology was demonstrated in the early 90’s in California. It works but no lawyer would allow an engineer to install it or a guy with a plaid jacket and white belt to sell it. Way, way too much risk plus it’s only legal in one state and that was so Google could test their car. Airplane computers can completely fly the planes but they rarely fly 3 feet from 2 or 3 other planes and all of their warning signals are transmitted to the computer (and they cost $100 million bucks). Can you imagine the vision sensors you’d need to make a car stop at a stoplight? Its gonna take another decade at least, if ever. In the meantime, highway deaths continue to drop because those same smart engineers design electronic “nannies” like stability control, ABS brakes, emergency brake apply, traction control and a ton of airbags to cushion your punkin when all these systems fail to improve your sorry driving skills!