I’m going to get a used car, but I am stuck between a 2001 and up Chevy Monte Carlo or Ford Mustang (not a convertible). Which one is best? HELP!!!

What do you want it for? Decide on how you will use the car and the decision will come easily. Will you carry peoply in that back seats often? The Monte Carlo seats more than 2 better than the Mustang. Is gas mileage important? The Monte Carlo gets about 15% better mileage. Do you want a stick shift? Only the Mustang offers that. Make a list of important qualities of your new car and post it here. Then we can help you.

Definetly a mustang. Ford has proven over the past 15 years that Mustang will be in production for years and years. Because of that and the popularity, Mustang will always have a higher resell value then Chevy. Even if you don’t ever plan on tradeing in your Mustang you can still benefit from higher resell value with things like replacement value and accident repair determination.
These days, you just can’t beat the reliability of a Ford product (With routine maintenance). I promise you that in 5 years you are going to regret buying the GM product. GM is haveing too many problems with labor and retirement benefit issues and sooner or later GM will have to pass that expense on to the consumer somehow (Even more). GM has not made a reliable product since the mid 70s. Ever notice that police agencies no longer use GM? It is not just because the Caprice/Impala was downsized.


but thats just my personal opinion. (based on looks, and nothing else!)

One thing to think about when dealing with used cars; how did the previous owner treat it? Was the mustang owned by a little ol’ granny who drove it to church or the store, or was it owned by someone under 30(physically or mentally)? That’s why I’ll never buy a used sports car like the mustang or camaro.

Wrong again Norm…your comment on Fords reliability all depends on the model, i.e., Taurus is a solid very good car but the Windstar is a rolling piece of crap. I don’t know about the Mustang. GM & other makes are the same…some good, some bad models. The problem with GM is that for several years they designed boring looking cars. It’s all perspective. Now, finally next time you venture out to give your convoluted opinion to someone who does not want to hear it I want you to notice all the CHEVROLET IMPALA POLICE CRUISERS that are in use.

It seems as though you see a mustang every time you turn around. Everybody thinks they’re so cool. they still ride like crap. Go for the Monte. As a side bar, I am a lifetime owner of Ford trucks. So this is not a Ford vs. GM opinion.

It’s a mildly aged used car so there is no way you can say that all of one is better than the other. It all depends on how it was driven and maintained. To me anyway it’s a coin flip, but the Monte Carlo has more room.

The problem with your “high” resale is that she is buying used at the point where depreciation year to year is the same. So the difference between acquire price and selling price over the years is likely a wash with either car.

Some of this depends on where you live. Some more depends on which year you buy. Consumer Reports identifies the worst year of the car to buy. A book store has this issue (April) right now. Be warned, be very informed. If you are driving in snow, get the one with the tallest, thinnest tires.