Cardoor lock - key fob broke - 2013 Nissan Versa

The key fob broke, no long works on my Nissan Versa. So I’ve been using the key to unlock the door. However, lately it’s been harder to unlock. So I fingered some oil around the lock as well as the key’s metal which seems to be working. Can I just keep doing this, maybe on a monthly basis? I’m living on-the-cheap these days and inflation doesn’t make it easy. Thanks!

Don’t use oil, it attracts dirt. Use a silicone based lock lube. A little on the key and insert and turn.

Yes, there is no reason you can’t keep using a key exactly the way we did before remote locks.

If the fob just stopped working, it is likely only a battery. Any Batteries Plus store can install a new one.

Just a point of reference. If your Versa has an automatic transmission, you should have the oil in it changed every 30K miles to postpone the $5000 trans replacement cost.


You don’t want to use a liquid in car lock of any kind.

It just collects dust and gums up or gets thick in cold weather making it hard to turn the key.

You want to use something like this.



I agree with Tester. You should be using graphite instead. Be careful because it will get on your key and possibly your clothing for a short time after you use it.

Do your locks work from the switch inside the car?


I use one of those short stubby pencils you get at golf courses and libraries. On those the pencil lead (graphite) is soft enough to rub it along the working surface of the key, seem to work pretty good if done frequently. And doesn’t attract dirt. Lock’s tumblers and key pattern could be wearing out too. If so lube will stop working eventually.

This is the lock lubricant that I recommend. It can be found at Lowe’s, a few other retailers, and–of course–at Amazon:

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I gave up on graphite years ago. It stains everything it touches including skin and very hard to remove. IMO, the newer dry lubricants using Teflon (PTFE) are better in every way. 3-IN-ONE and B’Laster both make an aerosol version that works great on locks. If some blows back out of the lock when applying or gets on the key, it’s no big deal.

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You have to lube both the cyl and the tumblers so I like some type of spray. That Houdini stuff is not available at every lowes btw, I looked.

The local hardware store should be able to make a standard key from the one on the fob though. A couple bucks and you don’t have to worry about breaking the one in the fob. It’s all computerized now. Don’t know how they do it but I had one made to tape inside my fuel door if I ever need it. It’s a secret though.

You have two fobs though, right? Maybe it just needs a new battery. I’ve been replacing all my batteries once a year whether they need it or not. Wife almost got locked out and no low battery warning.