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Carbon monoxide

Why did you not suggest that the woman with the dangerous carbon monoxide leak in Las Vegas drive only with her window down to let in fresh air and have an escape for the dangerous carbon monoxide gas? It would be a travesty for her to be overcome on the way for repairs.

We did not. This forum is not contributed to by Click n’ Clack. You may want to post this in the “The Show” forum, although that area is not contributed to by them either.

Although a question or topic is started with the Tom and Ray tag once in a while, I’ve never seen an answer from them.

Windows open as absolutely the right thing to do pending the actual repair since the car must be driven .

Even in your home , when the CO alarm sounds what is one of the listed actions ?
Open doors and windows to air out.

A CO detector for household use can be purchased at a modest cost–$25 or so. It would seem to me that a CO detector could be built into a car. In the meantime, I don’t see why a CO detector available at any discount store or home supply store couldn’t be mounted someplace in the cabin of a vehicle.