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Carb tuning help

Yeah I been looking for sure I might have to post a ad and for you Volvo seriously what you think people need to be rich to own a rv? Because I can tell you now payday for 90 percent of people isnt everyday and theres always more important things to take care of other then something that will be traveling I max a 40miles we work and not retired it’s a rv for weekend vacations to the lake it’s not like we going to throw away our jobs to travel the world and when we do vacation we go to Hawaii and no it’s a float able rv and no it’s not a Harry Potter car why you even on my ad if you not here to help I’m sure the title doesnt state looking for -------- to criticize me for having a rv and no consistent money flow to keep gas in it I’m just a everyday man if you thought I had the money to just throw in it right now without planning my expenses that I would have a old rv that needs worked on? I mean geez I be of a — can you be?

Oh also is there different types or holley 2245 2bbl carbs? Because when i got my carb off ebay i saw some others that said 2245 2bbl carb but they looked different from me and would it be cheaper and easier to just get a different carb if that’s possible?

No, you need to get a 2245 specifically for your year, make, and model. Google carburetors and you’ll find vendors that sell only carburetors. You do not buy something like this in eBay. That particular carburetor will never work in your engine.

The carb on my rv u mean will never work? If so wth was the last owner doing and it would explain alot and the carb I got on ebay I guess I lucked out on to find its was same carb all numbers matched up and everything from a to z. Also I always kept forgetting to ask is b300 model for dodge f30 right?

If you google “holley 2245 instructions” you’ll probably find the generic tune-up procedure. I rebuilt an autolite 2100 a while ago and found several websites that had a bevy of these instruction sheets for an assortment of carbs posted. These are the instruction sheets that come typically with rebuild kits. To get your engine tuned exactly to spec you’d need that in add’n the carb specs for your particular engine configuration. For example the fuel bowl level spec often varies car to car. But usually you can at least get it running just by setting the adjustments at the midpoint.

My local bookstore & public library both have several technical books on Holley and Rochester carb set-up too.

It’s been butchered and won’t work. Your model Dodge is whatever is stamped into the data plate mounted to the driver side of the firewall.

Yeah it says the model is f30 but I never find anything on it

Dodge never had such a model

That’s what I been thinking but I’ll post the tag tomorrow and show yall

F30 was the 1 ton van cab and chassis

Thanks. I never thought of that.

Ok so I found a vin decoder that finally was able to decoder the vin and its shows the model shows as mb300 but only found 2 or 3 websites with parts for it but when I look at carbs the 2245 doesnt show up is it possible that I dont need a 2245 carb for my engine which the vin also showed is this V8 360-2v (LA) and I dont know what 2v (LA) means and still dont know how many liters it is

The 2v means two barrels. The 360 cubic inches translates to 5.9 litres. I can’t emphasize enough to you that you are in so far over your head with this I’m surprised you can breathe. The LA means small block V8 with thinwall castings.

If the carburetor base matches the intake manifold and the throttle and transmission kick down connect properly the carburetor should work fine.

Ok that’s good so theres hope I been doing some reading and asking around and appearly 2245 holleys is not a carb people are fond of

It was never a great carburetor, but it would be adequate for your needs. Plus you have neither the tools nor the knowledge to be experimenting with non-original equipment carburetors.this is my last comment in this discussion. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. Because I’m a gentleman, here is a link for an ethanol safe rebuild kit for the carb that was on the engine when you acquired it. if you get it done correctly, once the engine is running, throw out that piece of junk from eBay.


Your knowledge on this is exceptional…I guess that’s why we’re all here…niche interests! I tried getting a carb looked at in 2003, even then it was really hard to find somebody who knew what they were doing.

Thank you. It’s pretty much the only bright spot I can find in being an old man.

Some years ago I was able to rebuild popular domestic carburetors, even the feedback Q-jet, but I haven’t taken in a carburetor in well over a year because the old men on the counter at local parts stores who sent them to me have died or retired and the few carburetors that have shown up were beyond hope due to weathered cores and missing pieces. The factory rebuilders have found sources for new bowl covers for Q-jets which they build to a somewhat generic model but the prices are astronomical. Less popular carburetors are considered obsolete by rebuilders. Of course there are adapter plates that allow fitting most anything to anything. Weber 2bbls can be fit on anything.

I think that someone mentioned after market throttle body injection and as the cost of getting a working carburetor climbs that alternative keeps looking better. Quick, simple starts, smooth idling, responsive acceleration and improved mileage make them appealing. An old competitor experimented with the Holley system and was highly impressed as were the customers he sold them to. But even he is retired now.