Car wraps trying to save on gas etc

Does anyone know anything about the websites, I drive 70 miles from Mandeville,La to Gulfport,Ms and then back home to work that’s 140x5=700miles sometimes more because I’m in retail.The gas and maintaintence is a killer.any suggestions???

What websites? Any suggestions for what?

Move closer to work. None of these snake-oil remedies will really improve your mileage, just lighten your wallet. If you really need to drive that far, buy the most fuel efficient car that meets your traveling needs. I hope your taking advantage of documenting the miles for tax purposes.

With gas prices going up everyday, people are looking for any way to squeeze the best amount of mileage out of their vehicle. And because of this, there are those who come out with promises that they’ve discovered the miracle invention that’s going to give you better mileage just by plugging, inserting, attaching, or applying their product to your vehicle. The automakers spend BILLIONS of dollars in research to get their vehicles to get the best mileage they can. So if ANY of these products actually worked, any of the automakers would pay MILLIONS to that person that came up with that device that acually worked!

So here’s what you do. Go and look at your vehicle. What you see is what you get. If you maintain the vehicle, what you get for mileage is what you get for how you drive it. And there’s nothing out there that will improve it’s fuel mileage.


I think you’re asking about any of those “miracle” mileage improving devices that are offered on the Internet as well as being advertised in magazines. There are chemicals to add to your gas tank or crankcase, and various gadgets that you install under the hood.

They are all worthless. Every single one of them is a scam! We get a lot of questions about these junk products. None of them live up to their claims, nor even come close.

I’m sorry to hear you must depend on your car so much in times of obscene gas prices. Maybe you can trade it in for a more fuel-efficient model. But stay away from those worthless offers. All of them are swindles.

The poster is asking about the car wraps which are essentially graphic advertising in a plastic sheathing that goes over a vehicle. The cost paid to the driver to wear this “shroud” over their vehicle can offset the cost of fuel for them.

Andrew, thank you I should have been clear on what I was asking help on. Graphic advertising on my car with the distance I travel everyday interstate driving and working in shopping center.I thought this would be a great way to off set gas and maintaintence on my car Most advertise $500.00 some say up to $3000.00(I think my dad told me if it sounds to be good to be true it usually is)Does anybody know anything about these companies or how I might offer My services to a company or business. We have the Saints football and the Hornets basketball teams trying to pull in the whole gulfcoast to fill seats.Any suggestions??? Thanks again Andrew

Thank you Andrew, I didn’t understand the post either.

To the OP: we’ve had threads on these before, but check it out for yourself. It may be the perfect thing for you. Just be sure to read the fine print.

If you mean car wraps (advertising), then you need to discuss it with the folks who own the cars. Trucks, actually. I’ve seen trucks in LA with this type of advertising on them. SUVs or vans are chosen because they have lots of wall space for the ads. You need to live and drive in an area that is of interest to them. I don’t know who does it, but you have to find them before you can get the straight scoop on the deal.