Car won't turn off completely

My 1995 Ford Thunderbird has a problem when I turn it off. After turning it off and removing the key the gauges still stay on and the low fuel light come on even though there is a full tank. Every other time I turn the car off the heater fan turns on even though it is in the off position. I replaced the ignition switch and cylinder but it didn’t make a difference. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m thinking it might be the ECU but I don’t want to just start replacing more and more things trying to find this out.

Do you have a factory or aftermarket alarm system in the vehicle? Might someone have installed one in the car when you didnt own it assuming you bought it used? Very important…

Look for corrosion in the junction box and battery box. A sticking relay can cause circuits to stay on.

Yes it does have an aftermarket alpine security system. I’ve had the car for 8 years and I don’t think it’s been hooked up in all that time. There are still wires going to it though.

Your issue resides there…or I should say thats where I would look first. I installed alarms, remote start systems and custom stereo equip for many years as a professional. I have seen HORRIBLE things when people install these items themselves. I see probs even when other “professionals” install them. Eventhough you are not using the system it is still tied into your ignition wires…most specifically it is tied to your main power wire as well as the ignition wire…a malfunction or incorrect wiring job will cause this. If it has remote start capabilities then it is even more likely that this is the culprit. Do you have any high end alarm installers in your area? Where are you located? The only way to look into this is to open up your dash panel under your steering wheel…you may find a huge Spaghetti mess of wires from the last “pro” who instlled your system. Tha system needs to be checked…I would be able to figure it out rather quickly if it was in front of me.

Try to find out what EXACTLY is installed in your car…get the system number and find out its capabilities…you may have a remote start system tied into your alarm causing your probs.

If the unit is STILL In te car but not used…then I am guessing all of the wires are still connected to ther original locations…if so a failed or stuck relay may be crosing your ignition and 12v wires JUST FOR YOU… this will wreak havoc on people trying to diagnose…you MUST look into this. If you dont want the system, then REMOVE IT…dont just unplug it. THe wire connections must be removed from all locations. either cut them and tape or whatever you need to do to get it unhooked if you dont want it.

Then again you could troubleshoot it and keep the extra security provided by the system…they are great when working and they are dead rock solid reliable when PROPERLY installed…esp the remote start systems in the winter…I LOVE remote start…good for you and your engine.