Car won't Start

I have a 97 Civic. I ran errands all day today, my last stop was the grocery store. When I came out, my car wouldn’t start. When I turned the key, I didn’t hear a “click” like a dead battery, it whirred until I turned the key completely in the ignigition then it died. I turned on the radio and it was reset to 87 and the clock said 1:00. So obviously, something completely died in the car to reset my radio. I got a jump but that didn’t work. My car still wouldn’t start even though my headlights and radio turn on. I’m taking a mechanic with me to the grocery store tomorrow (my poor baby is still in their lot) and I was wondering if anyond could tell me what else it could be? Do you think it’s serious? The gentleman that gave me the jump said it’s probably my alternator or starter, do you think it could be something easy like a little blown fuse? Thank you!

You may have just expierienced SBD. (sudden battery death)

How old is the battery?


Even if the lights work and the radio? I bought the car used a year and a half ago, the paperwork “says” it’s a new battery BUT I saw it today and it was rather filthy. All the paperwork, mechanic work, etc., is in the glovebox of the car unfortunately.

Even if the lights work and the radio?

Yes. The starter uses a lot more energy than those other things. Enough that with a weak battery it may drag down the voltage enough to cause the reset, You also might want to check out the battery cables (both ends). You also might try wiggling the cables when trying to start it.

Sorry if I missed something from your original message.  I skimmed it.  I find it difficult to try to read all that mass of letters with out paragraphs.  Dividing your message into logical parts makes it a lot easier for those from whom you are asking help.