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Car wont start

i was driving home from work my fuel was about on E and all of a sudden i started losing power. i was in third but had to shift down to second. my car was getting weak then it sputtered and died. i started it up again and it ran until i tried to drive it. i put gas in it and it wouldn’t start up. now it will start up sputter then die. i cleaned the air filter and my fuel pump is coming on so i dont know what to do.

You need to have the fuel pressure tested.

You know what takes out fuel pumps the most? Running low on gas!


i can hear the fuel pump, but now it will start up and get to a thousand rpms run a little while then sputter and die.

The fuel line may be full of air, since the fuel pump had no gas to pump. Turn the ignition switch on four times for three seconds each time; and, start the engine. You may have to start the engine several times to get all of the air out of the fuel line.