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car wont start! :(

So i got a used car and have been driving it for about a year, since i ve had it i noticed that there was some elctrical problem (probably coming from where the car was hit on the front right side) the left blinker has always blinked faster and sometimes i here a weird clicking sound when im driving that goes away and sounds like the blinker) Now today i got in it and the tcs light, battery light and parking break light were all on and the radio lights were flickering, after driving it all day with no problems i went back to drive it at night and when i put the keys in it seemed like the battery was really low, and the left blinker was going a million miles an hour! So i started driving at night and then electrical stuff just started shutting off periodically, first the radio, then the odometer and rpm meter, then the dash lights, then all the lights, then the car julted to a stop in the middle of the road. I pushed a ways and tried putting my key in 30 mins later and it seemed to have all its power back but wouldn t turn over, just clicking. I jumped it and it started up, then began to loose power faster than before till it died again. Is it electrical or the alternator? any insights appreciated, thank you

My first guess would be bad battery or bad battery connections. But it could be the alternator. Have it checked out.

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And generally the blinker blinks faster when one of the bulbs is burned out.

That is a classic description of what happens on a modern car when the alternator fails.
Don’t be surprised if you have to replace the battery, along with the alternator.

…also whatever electrical problem has been there with the accident damage and turn signal needs to be resolved. That may be the underlying issue and maybe the alternator is OK.