Car wont start every time there is cold or snowy weather

My mechanic installed a battery about a year and I have to get my battery charged each time the weather gets cold or snowy. I have had the battery charged 2 times this month.I have had this same problem last year calling motor clubs to charge my battery. My car is snowed in and shovel is stuck in my trunk because it will not open because my car wont start. I do not even know if there is a warrantee on the battery …it may be a used battery. I appreciate your suggestion.

Explain exactly what is happening!!!

Does the car turn over?? If it turns over it’s NOT the battery.

If it’s NOT turning over…then something is draining the battery. You need to determine what’s draining the battery.

We need a lot more information.

Has anyone bothered to test the entire charging/battery system? Many auto parts stores will do this for free.

Yes, my car starts when the AAA technician charges the battery. The AAA technician tested my battery months ago and he said I needed a new battery however, my mechanic said I didnt need a new battery, so I didnt know who to believe!! Thanks for responding and for the suggestions.

Well, your car won’t start until the battery gets charged. The battery keeps draining.

You might need a new alternator, so what you should do is have AAA jump it for you, and then drive it right down to a shop (a different one than your regular mechanic) and have them test the charging system.

Why do you think it may be a used battery, and why would you accept a used battery from your mechanic? New batteries aren’t all that expensive, and few people get rid of them until they need replacement. Used is pretty iffy, and if yours really is used I bet it’s also worn out.

Can’t you open the trunk with your key?

You may need to pony up a few more dollars for a [b]NEW[/b] battery with more cold cranking amps. Go for 800 cold cranking amps.

Thanks for all the suggestions I will follow them.

In regard to my car trunk not opening the keyhole is damaged and needs fixing so I cannot use a key to open it until it is fixed, and it doesn’t open when my battery is dead. Thanks again all of you!!