Car won't start after 1 year of siting

OK so I have a 1999 Honda crv 4wd with 128k and it has been siting out side to the elements for 1 year I live in Massachusetts and we just had a brutal winter in which the car was out side the whole time. So I get a friends car and hook up the jumper cables cuz the battery is dead and attached them to the Honda crv then I tell my other friend to rev the engine to 2500rpm and beep when he’s holding steady so I try to start it the starter moves but then stops and the lights on the dash go out every time I try to start it the lights go out and the starter moves a little. So then I removed the starter and went to an Autozone and had them bench test it while I standard next the the guy and it passed the test it only drew 63 amps with no load and have armature extension. I had him try it 3 more times and it worked no problem it passed every time

I doubt the battery is any good after a year of sitting and bench testing a starter is not a very good method of performing a procedure like that; at least in my opinion.

Starter problems are not that common; battery problems are and especially so with an aged battery that has been sitting. Sitting causes the battery to sulfate.

Odds are if you slow charged the battery for 3 or 4 hours and then put a voltmeter on it you would see a reading denoting the battery is no good. A good battery should be sitting around 12.6 volts or a little higher. If it shows 10 or whatever after charging it’s recycle material.

Batteries that are discharged very slowly (during storage) accept a charge very slowly. In some cases new cars on the dealer lot for 9 months with dead batteries won’t accept a charge for the first hour on a charger. Jumper cables won’t recharge the battery like this. Charge the battery for at least 4 hours with a battery charger.

How old is your battery anyway? It may simply be toast. Sitting discharged for a year may have also caused it to freeze in the cold winter. That will get them every time.

It is also possible that a charger won’t even detect that there is a dead battery there to charge if it is too low. The charger acts just like you are holding the + & - clamps a foot apart. SOMETIMES you can fool the charger into putting a charge into a completely dead battery by hooking a jumper battery to the dead one, and then turning the charger on. After a few minutes, the jumper battery can be removed, and the charger will continue to charge the dead battery. A slow overnight charge is best.

You have gotten good information from @ok4450 and @Nevada_545.

I’d like to add that trying to jump start a completely dead battery can also put so much of a load on the jumping vehicles alternator, that you could damage it beyond repair.
Always charge a battery like this on a charger. It is much safer all around.

Depending on how old that battery is, you may want to just purchase a new one and be done with it.


I would start by replacing the battery and trying to start it again.

I concur either try and slow charge the battery or swap for a working one and take two.

Also cables AND good connection are key in terms of jumping a dead battery. If those cables were easy to handle and light they did not draw enough amperage likely to get your vehicle started.

Revving sounds cool but absolutely useless except for making folks people feel better. I typically jump start vehicles with my heavy cables with engine off no problems.

Replacing the battery is really a no brainer here. Others point out the possible damage you can do by jumping or fast charging a sulphated battery.

Bottom line: modern cars with their complicated electronics are not good for jumping, for either car. Very expensive damage can result.

And, completely discharging a car battery will cause the battery to be damaged. In your case, it is probably toast. You need a new battery.

You also need an oil change immediately. I’d get the car thoroughly inspected by a good mechanic. Get it towed.


Thanks guys I planed to replace the battery before but just wanted to hear the engine go see if there was any big problems