Car wont go past 35mph? Why?


I came back from a 2 month holiday when the car was not in use, and now my car wont go past 35mph, it has no kick and accelarates very slowly to a max of 35mph, its a 95 Neon, and shortly before my holiday a tuneup was done on it, and it was fine then.


Need a lot more information…

Does the engine rev up when you try to get past 35??
What happens in lower gears??
What is the Tac doing when the car is running at 35??


[b]You might want to check the air filter housing to make sure no criiters set up residence while you were on holiday.

If something made a nest in there while you were gone, it may now be restricting the airflow into the engine. And with no airflow, the engine won’t go!



No, the engine works fine, no revving up, I can press the gas all the way, and only get limited acceleration.
I went down a hill, and it went all the way up to 45mph, but then struggled back up a small incline and all i could get out of the car was 20mph, no matter how hard I pressed the accelerator…just have no engine power. I can feel it change gears into 2nd, but thats it