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Car Won’t Start

Oh okay I don’t care anymore. Worst forum ever. Just wanted a stress reliever pet project.

Not nearly enough information to help you. Year? Mileage? And you didn’t tell us what happens when you try to start it, so we don’t even know where to begin.

I find this to be very confusing. If the engine was “knocking” before the no-start condition, then I would say that it wasn’t running “great”. Additionally, as Shadowfax noted, we need to know exactly what happens–and what you hear–when you turn the ignition key.

Can you clarify exactly what happened, and when it happened, so that we can at least try to make an educated guess?

Have you tried using a good battery or jump-starting it?

My first step would be to remove the battery, take it to an auto parts store, and have it tested. If it passes, reinstall it and try to start the engine again. If it doesn’t pass the test, buy a replacement battery, bring it home, install it, and see if the car starts.

Please stop replying because obviously you missed English class and added extra sentences to my question.

Run. A car with a knock that won’t start and that’s for sale is called “getting paid to dump her problems onto you.” You’d be upside down if it was free. This is not a vehicle that you should buy.


I would never buy a car based on a statement like, “it used to run well” or “it ran well the last time it ran.”

The only way I’d buy this car in this condition is if you’re buying it for spare parts.


I’m buying it to fix just want to know where to start.

…the battery is where I’d start. Good luck. I hope you’re not paying much.


The red flag that is flying above this car is attempting to warn you to NOT buy what is almost surely a money-pit. Unless you are able to buy this car for…maybe…$200, I suggest that you RUN away from this deal as fast as you can.


If you don’t already know where to start, then buying a car “to fix” isn’t a smart move.


@Tootieemarie If you are on the internet asking for help on a non running vehicle you are already behind the 8 ball.

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I’m not a fan of @VOLVO_V70’s abrasive take on many issues, but he is helping. Telling you that you’re getting in over your head is good advice.

…and in this forum, you don’t get to dictate the responses to your inquiry.

If someone doesn’t close this thread (hello, @cdaquila), I think you’re going to get all kinds of extra advice on how to be polite. We’ve tried giving that same advice to Volvo, but it didn’t take. :wink:

You may not realize this, but advising you to avoid this money pit IS an attempt to help.
If my daughter asked the same question about the same car, I’d give her the same advice. Keep looking.

For the record, knocking and failure to start may well be a very serious engine problem, especially if there’s been custom work done on the engine. It’d take a “hands-on look-see” by a qualified mechanic to determine what’s actually wrong. So start there. Have it towed to a reputable shop before buying it and, after you have his review, then you can make a better decision.


+1 to all of mountainbike’s comments.
And, I have to wonder just how much the seller is charging for this “customized” 15 year old non-running econobox with an engine knock. My price threshold would be ~$200, but the OP may have a different values system.

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I’m always somewhat bemused when people get onto a public forum on the internet and then think they can dictate the kind of responses they get to the dumb ideas they want us to approve of. It’s like dealing with particularly petulant teenagers.

OP: This is your project, not ours. We are not going to spend the next 6 years helping you crawl out of the automotive pit you’re about to dig yourself into. Especially when you act like a jerk.


Why is anyone even replying to this post.

Obscene language, rudeness to those trying to help, and just plain ignorance.

I wouldn’t help this poster if she was stuck in my driveway!!!



Some of us are just masochistic and like to be abused.

I’m gonna close this one. I missed all the fireworks. I agree with Whitey. @Tootieemarie if you want to open another thread and see if we can start fresh, feel free. I will ask that if you’re not finding responses helpful, please don’t insult anyone. I hope you find the assistance you’re looking for somewhere, if not here.