Car which couldn't be shifted into Reverse: Does pumping the clutch pedal help?

I had this problem one time w/my Corolla. It would only shift into Reverse if I quickly pumped the clutch pedal a couple of times. The problem was easy and inexpensive to fix. I replaced the clutch master cylinder. Not shifting into Reverse can be a symptom of other more difficult to repair problems, but if pumping the clutch pedal helps, consider the clutch master cylinder as a potential cause.

ETCG has a video on replacing both master and slave clutch cylinders in a Civic. Well worth watching to see how easy it is.

Thanks, I’d enjoy to view that vdo, but what do you mean by “ETCG”?

Eric the car guy.

Thanks @Hokiedad, I found it by Googling. Looks instructive.

I also found an excellent utube vdo on repairing toyota starter selenoid contacts in the process of looking for Eric’s vdo, so two birds w/one stone today. I think eventually these kinds of instructional vdo’s will be available for most econoboxes & for most repairs that can be done in a home garage. The car manufacturer who provides these will be first in line to get my $$ on my next new car purchase.