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Car was in Flood

The engine on my 1989 Iroc z28 was in flood and the got water inside. How do i get the water out?

How high did the water get, and for how long? The engine may be the least of your worries. The transmission, differential, interior, gas tank, electrical system, etc., may be harder to fully clean up.

DO NOT try to crank it. If it has water in the cylinders, you will bend a connecting rod. At that point, the engine is pretty much toast. Remove the spark plugs first, so the water has a means of escape. THEN crank it.

As oblivion said, the engine may be the least of your worries.

Did water get high enough to get into the dash? That’s where most folks who fix flood cars will draw the line on forgetting about fixing a flood car. Was it fresh water or salt water? If it was salt, you’re not likely to have good results. Insurance companies will often total a car if water got above the center line of the front hubs or into the carpet. I’ve see lots of cars totalled when they got water ingested into their engines while driving down the street in six to eight inches of water. Then they met someone else’s wake, and that was it. Instantaneous bent rods.

The water will run out of the engine as the car goes through the shredder…

Your car is now junk. Let it go.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Caddyman said all there is to say.