Car trade in gone wrong...Dealership harassing me

I traded in my Montero for a new car at a new car dealership , we made the deal they inspected my car ,title in hand ,i have the new car in possession . the dealer is now telling me a day later my trade has a blown engine, I said how could this be i drove the car there , they had all day to look at it . How could this happen a day later ? now they want me to come in to revalue my trade in . Im i responsable for this ? Any advise would be helpful .


From what you say, this is their problem. But they’ll try to make it your problem. If you had absolutely no knowledge of a problem with the Montero, then they have to deal with it.

Even if you DID have a blown engine and KNEW it, it’s still their problem. They’re the experts and it was up to them to discover any problems before making the deal.

Futhermore, depending on your state’s laws, harassing you may be illegal. File a formal complaint with you state’s Consumer Protection Office of your state’s Attorney General’s Office.

Thanks, No i had no idea. Im a single mom not a mechanic , I have to go back there for the registration , what should i do ,they called me at work witch is at a public school and had me paged for a emergency call . they want me to go back there to resolve this .Can they sue me for this?
Thanks for the help…

Think of it this way. If you bought a car from them and it was out of warranty and the engine blew, how obliging would they be ? Unless they asked you to sign some form stating the condition of the car as you knew it to be (unlikely), they are the incompetent ones.
Well run companies have a “slush fund” to take care of unforeseen problems like this. If they don’t, their harassment could cost them more than the car…loss of customers. Ask them to read the “customer relationship manual” from LL Bean. (not that there really is one but we get the point)

Well, they can threaten lots of things, but they won’t succeed, except in scaring you. I had something a little similar happen to me,sold a used motorcycle to a guy, he came back next week with a new problem I’d never had. Sorry, he was out of luck.

Do as mentioned by TSM, contact both of those agencies and ask for their help. You might also write the dealer a letter clearly stating the facts as you know them, and demanding they stop contacting you about the matter. Keep a copy and send it registered mail for future documentation, if needed.

I’d go on your state web site and find a reference number of someone as close to your problem area as possible to advise you.

Wow ! You Could Be A Hero To Everbody Who’s Been Ripped Off Buying A Used Car From A Car Lot !

Choose one or two :

Ask to see their warranty information that was included (or not included) with their recent used car (trade-in) purchase.

Say, “You knew it was a used car. That’s why it was so much less expensive than a new car.”

You could add, "If I had to fix everything on every used car I traded-in, I’d go out of business.

“Let me check with my manager and I’ll get back with you.”


they called me at work witch is at a public school and had me paged for a emergency call . they want me to go back there to resolve this.

I believe it is resolved.  

Can they sue me for this? they want me to go back there to resolve this. Can they sue me for this?

I can only guess about your states or countries laws in this situation, but in most areas the dealer may be guilty of harassment. You can contact an attorney. Since laws vary you need a local expert to give you advice you can count on.

I think I would give them a call and explain, nicely, that you will take them to court if they don't stop harassing you.  Tell them you want no more contact.  

For real peace of mind, you should contact a local attorney.

“Let me check with my manager and I’ll get back with you.”

I love that one.  I think I would just tell them "let me put you on hold"

As long as there is no paperwork pending, I would just walk away. They signed off on everything, and they had a chance to inspect the car. For all you know, they could have destroyed the engine after they took possession of the car.

I would go talk to a lawyer. See if you can find one with an initial free consultation. Once the lawyer is familiar with your circumstances, tell the dealership that any further communication should only be conducted with your lawyer. After that, they should stop harassing you.

Sounds like they have a new take on the old “The Finance Company denied your loan at the rate we quoted you. Please come back in so we can redo the paperwork, and charge you a higher interest rate” scam.

Tell them that yesterday, when you traded in your vehicle, it worked 100% fine.
It became THEIR property as soon as you signed all the documents.
You have no concern about its current condition, and that you feel sorry for them about the condition about their property.

Then tell them that if they EVER call you again at work with an emergency page, your lawyer will be the one who calls them back to let them know exactly how bad of an idea that was.


They cannot sue you, but you can sue them for harassment.

And if you need paperwork from them for the registration they MUST give it to you and CANNOT withhold it.

Not to be redundant, but you really should get the AG’s office involved in this. Harassing you at work is way, way “over the line”.

Tell them to take this to your complaint department, and that the person in charge of complaints is Helen Waite. So tell them to go too Helen Waite.

The part I really don’t like is them calling you at work, and labling this call an emergengy. If you were my wife,mother sister ,friend neighbor I would not let you be harassed by them. You do not have to be polite in dealing with them and you do not have to try and prove your side of the story.

I get the impression that this is one of the smaller Dealerships (here in AZ we call them “lemon lots”). The idea of this being a smaller Dealer sets off my “danger Will Robinson” type alarm. What I mean is perhaps they have a key to you new car and are considering a visit, this would be a bad move on their part. A large Dealer would not want trouble but these small guys are unpredictable. I see you do say “new car dealership”.

I don’t think letting the cops know about the phone call(s) is overreacting but don’t expect the cops to treat this as a “main event”. When you go finish your business at the Dealership take two friends. Don’t record the conversation if it is not allowed in your state.

Tell us how you are doing!

Anyone can sue anyone for anything. I can sue you for asking that question. I wouldn’t win, but I could sue you for it.

The better question is “are they likely to win a lawsuit for this?” The answer to that is “not just no, but hell no, and they know it, and furthermore if after you go there tonight and tell them in no uncertain terms to knock it off they continue to bother you about this, you can sue THEM for harassment and you’re much more likely to win than they are.”

And tell us what dealership this is so we can avoid the little bastards.

The dealer is an expert. If they inspected the car and they bought it, any problems are theirs. Go back for the new car registration and take a friend or two. Or should I say witness. Do not go anywhere without them. If they refuse to give you the registration in front of your witnesses, then walk. You have witnesses to all their actions. It sounds like you may have grounds for a law suit. But build a case big first. They might pay for your new car completely. But the real point is to make sure that they will think long and hard about abusing anyone again.

Every one can jump on the “see a lawyer” advice. But after doing the gazintas, lawyer fees can add up to the cost of a new car. As earlier advised, get to a state sponsored help site and be vocal about they protecting your civil rights. That’s one reason you pay taxes…to avoid lawyer’s fees.

They are the experts at buying cars. A call to the police may be all you need to stop them from their tactics. Your old car is probably fine. Many dealers that have financial troubles will resort to devious schemes to get you to pay them more money. One place was taking parts off the new cars in order to repair other cars. He went out of business and then to jail. Wait and see what happens to your great car dealer.