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Car Sometimes wont start

Good Morning,

I am experiencing an issue with the car looking for help. I drove my car about 20 miles to work. I stopped at the store, and when I came out, the car would crank but not start. I checked for codes and saw p0106 p0326, I cleared the code and the car turned over. I Drove it back 20 miles with no issue. I noticed No performance problems, rough idles, or hesitation. I drove again another roughly 20-30 miles and the car died. I called for a tow truck, and when the driver came, he asked me to start the car, it started so I drove it home. It was sitting for about 90 minutes, i tried to start it about 30-45 minutes after i parked and experienced the no start. A third occurrence, i drove two miles to the store, came up about 15 minutes later, it wouldn’t start. I waited for the tow truck, checked it, and it started again. Im inclined to think heat is playing a role in the car not starting. On one occurrence, i was coming up to a light after about 5 miles of 45mph with stopping for traffic, and the car died. I was able to put it in park, turn the key and start the engine. I live in Florida, and the temp has been cool between 70-85 degrees. I have diagnostic live stream of when the car runs without codes and when it throws codes. It seems that breaks down and will always throw those two codes. I have it at the dealership going on 7 days and they originally thought a high pressure fuel pump, but now are thinking the wiring harness that connects the knock sensor, the map sensor, and the cam sensor, or dirty plugs. i have 110k on the car. I haven’t replaced the plugs but most all other maintenance has been completed. battery was replaced in 2017

Does this 1948 Ford F1 still have the V8 flathead ?, I didn’t know you could get ODBII codes from these.

Or maybe you’re working on something else.

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