Car smells after window replacement

I had my passenger side window replaced, and the car now has a strong smell of adhesive. I have left the windows open for a week, and the smell just gets stronger. Suggestions?

Go back and complain?
Sounds like someone cheaped out on the hardener when they mixed 2-part epoxy. The window company knows what they use and where, and they’ll probably recognize the smell immediately. They might be able to pull the inner panel, find the uncured area, clean the surfaces, and rebond them again with a new mix.

Contact the installer with your concerns. edit+ to @the_same_mountainbike he types faster than I!

LOL, my two keyboarding fingers are well trained…

I agree with the same mountainbike and Barkydog because I ran into this problem last year. The windshield replacement company sent another installer out after the smell got bad on a real hot day and the windshield slipped out of place. They removed the windshield, cleaned it thoroughly and re-installed it with the proper sealant.