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Car slow to shift from reverse to drive

My car is taking a long time shifting from reverse to drive in the morning. Do you know what may be causing it and how to fix it. It’s a 1995 automatic ford explorer. Thanks.

Low transmission fluid can cause that. Check the level and condition of your transmission fluid.

If your fluid is low, you might have a leak.

If the fluid is ok then you likely have an internal seal problem. What you do with that is live with it - or if you really like this car and want to keep it around indefinitely then you have the transmission rebuilt.

You can search this forum for similar threads in which a contributor names Transman suggests that one can sometimes help these symptoms with a can of Berrymans Chemtool. Oddly enough its basically a carb cleaner, but it apparently softens up the seals some. That wouldn’t be a repair. Just a band-aid to reduce symptoms.

Thanks! I’ll check the transmission fluid and go from there.